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Fresco Brick Wall Spray Paint Prints – Occupy Brick Walls

These are some new prints I am taking to Y-Que Trading Post for the weekend. I plan to set them up in the front window and in the back where I have a Brick Wall that has interchangable rectangles like the ones shown here. I have been streamlining the brick making process, but I pumped these out for fun to display in the store. I tried not to make any sense of the images, besides they will make up a wall and they all have the word OCCUPY in black across them. Each piece measures 16" X 19" and they are made from old t-shirt printing frames with a combination of gypsum plaster materials and paints...I'm thinking of selling them for around $50, but I'm negotiable. Ideally these brick panels were going to be for people to buy so that they could make brick wall spray paint art themselves and hang in their home, but I couldn't resist using every one I could get my hands on for the OCCUPY project. Get it, OCCUPY WALL versus OCCUPY WALL STREET. I thought it was clever at the time.

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